Be Memorable

Dated: September 25 2020

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One thing that is terrible in social circumstances, is being forgotten. There is nothing worse for a first impression than to make no impression at all. Maybe someone you met will remember your voice, or your face, or the way you walk, but if they can’t attach some sort of “you” to it, this is incredibly problematic.

This is because this reflects poorly upon their memory and attention. It makes them feel uncomfortable and kind of like they are a big jerk. And with most issues of feeling uncomfortable, most people will simply avoid contact with you. Thus it will destroy the potential of a relationship, and also any potential of your services being used.



So, here is how you bridge the gap.


Now, keep in mind that you don’t have to put on a show, or make some sort of scene. However, you cannot (you absolutely cannot) be a wallflower. You will probably have to make the first move. You will probably have to engage in small-talk. Especially for those who are introverts, you can’t put up your safety buble and hide. People will innately know to leave you alone.


However, what do you do to make a memory. Small-talk can’t really be used as a memory. Here are a few ideas.

-Tell a joke

-Tell a story

-(Most importantly) make connections between yourself and these people you meet. (Not only will it be easier to remember you, but it will make it easier to remember them.)


Here is an example. My husband’s name is Luke. In order to help people remember him and his name, he introduces himself like this... “Hi, I’m Luke, and in case you don’t remember, you can always just use the force.” It works remarkably well because it makes an association in people’s mind, Luke... Luke Skywalker. It is easy to remember, because most people have heard the name Luke Skywalker a number of times before. It also becomes memorable to the people, because they usually have an opinion about the franchise. It links to emotions for them, and that association automatically becomes memorable.


So the goal is to link to emotion if at all possible.


With a little clever thinking, I’m sure you can think up a trick or two in association to a name. Especially if you have a name that isn’t commonplace in the society, you really should consider doing something like this. It will take the pressure off of people having trying to associate your form to your name, but also having to remember a form of syllables they are not familiar with as well. If you are having trouble, see about breaking your name down into syllables that can be used in a similar fashion.

Now, it doesn’t have to be a name-association, but the trick is the same. Link you, your interests, your look to the emotion of people you meet and they will remember you.

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Be Memorable

One thing that is terrible in social circumstances, is being forgotten. There is nothing worse for a first impression than to make no impression at all. Maybe someone you met will remember your,

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